New Perfumes every month: amazing Marc Jacobs and Obsession Summer

New Perfumes for Every Type

New Perfumes for Every Type of Summer Soiree

Summer break may be a thing of the past for many of us, but just because we don’t get three months off doesn’t mean our social calendars are less packed. Backyard BBQs, weddings, date nights en plein air … there’s a certain sense of freedom and hopefulness about summer that no other season can match. And since scent is one of the biggest memory triggers, there’s no better way to remember these stolen summer moments between work and other responsibilities than a special summer fragrance.

These new perfumes capture the essence of summer, and pair perfectly with the season’s most delightful moments. From sweepingly romantic florals to sparkling fruits to seductive musks, there’s a fragrance here for every warm-weather occasion.

Marc Jacobs Pear Splash

The vibe: Summer is here, and you’re celebrating the inaugural use of your new grill with plenty of friends and family. The cuisine: classic burgers and hot dogs. This crisp-yet-savory fragrance appeals to that Americana summer vibe. Fresh notes of pear, bergamot, lemon peel and freesia are tempered by teakwood and musk. You’ll smell sweeter than the apple pie you’ve made for dessert. Marc Jacobs Pear Splash

For a Crazy Weekend at a Music Festival

The vibe: You’re off to the desert with your besties — and ready to Instagram every moment, both music and fashion-wise. Your suitcase is filled with cutoff shorts, flash tattoos and sunscreen, and there’s room for little else. Luckily, this small rollerball won’t take up precious space that could be used to stash your flower crown. The scent: light, airy cotton, which pairs surprisingly well with eau de sunscreen.

Obsession Summer Calvin Klein

The vibe: Can you feel the love tonight? A sweeping, gorgeous outdoor location brimming with Pinterest-worthy wedding details is the setting for a sunset exchange of vows. The revelry lasts long into the evening.

Such a romantic occasion calls for an equally romantic perfume. Obsession Summer starts off with notes of bergamot accord and green florals that transform into a heady musk by night’s end, perfect for seducing your date. Because no one said the bride and groom are the only ones allowed to get frisky on their wedding night.New Perfumes Obsession Summer



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