The most effective essential oils to fight against cellulite

essential oils to fight against cellulite

Some essential oils are known for their smooth skin properties They will improve the circulation of liquids under the skin and penetrate into your fat cells. With regular self-massages, the orange peel appearance of your skin will be greatly reduced.  Here are some effective anti cellulite oils! The most effective essential oils to fight against cellulite

Cedar essential oil

This anti cellulite oil directly attacks fats. This anti-greasy effect helps to reduce the fat that stores in your body and thus make your skin smoother. 

An anti cellulite lemon oil

Lemongrass oil against cellulite

Lemon has many virtues. It helps burn some fats , promote digestion and elimination of toxins. In the form of essential oil, it is a very effective anti cellulite product. 

The essential oil of cypress It helps to improve the elimination of water, especially by widening the circulation channels in your body. Your skin will be more flexible and thus less prone to the effect of orange peel.

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Marine Criste Oil against cellulite

It is a draining anti cellulite oil. To fight against excess fat and water, it accelerates the elimination of body waste. 

The best effective essential oils to fight against cellulite

Lemongrass oil

It is its anti-inflammatory action that interests us here. This anti cellulite oil reduces the swelling of fat cells under the skin. Less swollen, these cells make it easier to circulate water. 

Cinnamon anti cellulite oil bark

It has a heating effect. Applying it, you will feel the sensation of heat that tells you that it burns fat both surface and deep. Convenient to melt your excess fat . 

Shea Shea butter is not an oil but can be combined with it. It will allow the oils to penetrate more effectively under the skin , during the application. This is due to the ease with which this material enters the body by melting on contact.

 How to use anti cellulite oils?

effective essential oils to fight against cellulite

  • To fight against cellulite, we recommend you to massage with essential oils. It is possible to use them independently, but as much aiming efficiency from the start, creating a perfect oil mix! 
  • By combining the properties of certain anti cellulite oils with shea butter, you create an effective massaging cream against cellulite.
  • For that, it is enough to mix the oils according to their properties.

Here is an example : 

Namely that 15 drops of anti cellulite oil correspond to 1 ml. 

Preparation shea butter + anti cellulite oils


  • Take about 20 grams of shea butter and melt it (in a bain-marie for example).
  • Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 2 drops of Lemongrass oil and 2 drops of cedar anti cellulite oil.
  • Let cool in the fridge for 1 hour. 
  • Mix well and apply this mixture on your body, massaging with force for a few minutes, until complete penetration. 
  • For this treatment to be effective, we advise you to follow it for 1 month, with one massage in the morning and one massage in the evening. 

Blend of essential oils to fight against cellulite


If you want to create an effective blend of essential oils, look for properties that matter to you: burn fat, skin tone, improve circulation, for example. 

  • In a 100 ml bottle, put 2 ml of cypress oil with 2 ml of lemon oil, 1 ml of cinnamon bark oil and 2 ml of lemongrass anti cellulite oil.
  • To complete this blend, it is possible to add vegetable oils good for cellulite (such as jojoba oil). 
  • Once your mixture is done, you can apply it as a massage once or twice a day, for 2 to 3 weeks.  Soon you will see that the appearance of your skin will change.

The dimples will be less visible and your skin will look firmer.

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