Perfume Dolma only natural essential oils, the highest quality!

natural essential oils

Natural perfumes are made only from natural raw materials — essential oils and other natural ingredients. They have no harmful chemical additives. Perfume from the store usually contain natural essential oils, and entirely consists of “chemical flavors” synthesized in laboratories. Therefore they are called synthetic perfume. Of course, these are expensive perfumes contain essential oils, but they are very expensive — thousands of dollars!

Today I will tell you about the basics of natural spirits:

  • how to create natural perfume,
  • how to choose your fragrance,
  • how to tell the real essential oil from the fake and even about how to learn to listen to yourself!

natural essential oils

Dolma was established in 1982 by Jim Payne, a practising vegan and qualified chemist, to provide perfumes which could be used with confidence by Vegetarians and Vegans. It has since become a family business run by his daughter, April, with Jim still providing technical information in an advisory capacity.

Everyone involved with the business are Vegan or Vegetarian and as such fully understand the “cruelty-free” ethic.

Cruelty-Free Perfume

We believe that to be truly “cruelty-free” a fragrance must not only be entirely free from animal testing but should not contain substances of animal origin.

The origins of all Dolma raw materials are thoroughly checked to ensure they satisfy these stringent conditions. We only use ingredients whose safety is well established and test finished products on human volunteers, including ourselves! We do not use new ingredients developed after 1976.

Animal substances are often used as fixatives in perfumes. Dolma have shown that quality perfumes can be produced without any cruelty whatsoever. All Dolma perfumes are made with high quality ingredients, including a high proportion of natural essential oils. Want to know riddles perfumes with ylang ylang notes?

Dolma perfumes are available in twelve delightful fragrances. Each comes in a choice of size – 1.8ml trial and 15ml sizes are long lasting ‘perfume’ strength. We offer a reusable gold spray dispenser cap to fit the 15ml perfume bottle, which can be purchased separately.

The trial size bottles are available individually, or in boxed sets – which make a lovely gift if you can bear to part with them!

Perfume Dolma

The 32ml size is ‘Eau de Parfum’ strength – this is a less concentrated version of the perfume that can be used more liberally – ideal to spray or splash on, and also for those who require a lighter daytime fragrance to match their stronger evening perfume. You can find out the hidden secrets of perfumes.

We also stock the range of Dolma Aftershaves. These can be found in the ‘Men’s Products’ category.

Please note – Unfortunately we are no longer able to send perfumes and aftershaves to countries outside Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They are now classified as ‘prohibited goods’ by Royal Mail for international destinations.



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