Perfume the story of a murderer: perfumer’s apprentice seduction secrets!

seduction secrets of cleopatra

Hi, firends! Today I will tell you an interesting story of the perfumer, secrets and myths about spirits, seduction secrets, secrets of aromas! Perfume the story of a murderer – it will be very interesting, I long studied secrets of the real perfumers, secrets of aromas of love, secrets of a seducing of women how to distinguish a fake from the original, today I share with you!

“Each aroma are intended for “the” age (color of hair/a eyes)”.
Actually, all age are obedient to aromas as if love. In questions of the choice I have begun to smell better to listen to myself, than girlfriends or ignorant consultants who in the weight have superficial ideas that they sell. Often the consultant can take away you from a rack with desired aroma which “too adult” or “doesn’t approach your color of hair/a eyes” (and now we try to present how aroma suddenly has to shade color of eyes) to confuse and sell what won’t please you from the word in general. Still I am killed by a manner of consultants for appearance to report about aromas which approach or not your image. That is, choosing aroma for a party or office it is impossible to come into shop on the way to the gym so whether?

seduction secrets
At the choice of aroma it is worth being guided by the character, a way of life and whether, first of all, it is pleasant to you as aroma sounds on you. I know the great ladies of pre-retirement age radiating carelessness, cheerfulness and berry fun in “kompotnykh” Eskadakh and which are fine “Be Delicious” in ogurtsovy fresh Donna Karan. I in 13 carried “adult” Dior Jador (who, by the way, now on myself I don’t represent). I know couple of girls who in 15 carried Chanel No. 5 or Red Moscow — and on them it sounded perfectly!

To seduction you can order your favorite flavor for free!
The main thing — your attitude. If you consider that concrete aroma doesn’t suit you on age — your right not to carry him or to carry later. Nobody else has the right to forbid you. And perfume for blondes and brunettes — in general a marketing mix (as on me, banal attempt to hide ignorance of consultants or shop and to get rid more than poorly on sale goods).

Want to learn seduction secrets, then it is necessary to know how to use aromas for attraction of the love!

“If through any time you don’t hear from yourself aroma, but people around hear him — means, aroma suits you”
No, it simply speaks about accustoming to a smell. The same as you don’t hear mix of kitchen smells if long you are in kitchen, you don’t react to mix of smells of the concrete city in which you live but only on certain bright nuances. And in perfumery shop if to resemble half an hour, you won’t be able to hear aroma composition — the nose is blocked from abundance of olfaktorny information.
Honestly, for me always it was strange — most of people say that they don’t hear from themselves aroma. And I hear even then when people around aren’t heard any more. Perhaps it somehow trains, or just I have such feature, I don’t know)))

“Having applied perfume on a wrist, it is necessary to pound him – so the smell will reveal quicker”
The base will so quicker reveal (and that not always), and the top notes and almost all “heart”, most likely, it is banal it ubjtsya, namely it will be pounded. The similar friction destroys composition and can give a wrong idea of aroma. “Grinding” will work only with oils, especially on cold skin, it is better not to pound aromas on a spirit basis. At most, what it is possible to make — to press one wrist to another, “napshikanny” that from one zilch both wrists smelled.

“All bought perfumery in the countries of the former USSR strikingly differs from everything that is bought by the abroad”.
Here it is possible to carry “to us carry less qualitative production, than spreads for the USA and the countries of Europe”.
I don’t know how was in the USSR, but I suspect that as well as now — any difference between the same aroma bought from us and the abroad, no. Vintage foreign Yves Rocher of Ispahan (aroma “is given rise” in 1977) is remembered, has got to me on затест — he was exactly Ispakhan of my grandmother bought by her in the Union. Also I ordered online from the abroad aroma which I bought once in Kiev — any difference (I compared from two bottles).
Perhaps, authors and propagandists of this myth only want to be allocated, report to people around supposedly you look, I go for a hillock and I buy aromas there, and what is sold here — only “фи”. Actually there are no “other shops” on spill of perfume for us and separately for the rest of the world, and online and offline shops of the CIS countries work with the same suppliers who deliver production in company boutiques and salons of other countries.
And, lately so strongly manipulate this myth that in increasing frequency it is possible to run on the fake which is on sale under the slogan “I have bought this aroma in duty free” …

seduction secrets of cleopatra

“If aroma doesn’t keep on skin the most part of day, and on clothes — several days, then it is a fake because all originals super resistant”.
It is possible when in use there were only spirits and natural components were used, really firmness was improbable. Now situation a bit different: many fakes are more resistant, than the original! Yes, often add the synthetic components urged to increase aroma and firmness to them. You can make experiment, having puffed original aroma on a blotter, and on another — “remark” — often the fake will longer smell.
Besides, it is more favorable to the producer if favourite aroma at you ends quicker (it can explain why same “Green tea” from Ardennes in a year of the release sounded longer, than now) — you will go to buy following!)))
And, of course, you shouldn’t forget about features of skin and different weather that also influences firmness of aroma: for example, hot skin “eats” aroma significantly quicker, than cold. The way of drawing also influences firmness (and disclosure — but it already another story altogether) — on different parts of a body, hair to clothes, depending on drawing by a zilch or a Mohammedan prayer, your health and many other aroma will sound differently long (or it is short). You can observe behavior of a favourite parfyumka with a stop watch in different days once, and you will notice that firmness of the same aroma differs depending on circumstances.

Each person who loves has to know secrets of the true aromas of a seducing!

“If aroma isn’t packed into mica – it is a fake”
Lack of mica isn’t a fake sign, unlike her quality at all. Some brands thus show care of environment: there is no mica — less waste. At others one volumes are packed in mica, others – No. Happens so that aroma at first was packed into mica, and over time I have ceased.
On a wave of this myth many feykodela began to pack in mica aromas — fakes which originals in mica aren’t packed.
To help to distinguish the original packed in mica from the same fake survey of a seam (with originals he accurate and hardly noticeable), qualities of the mica (often fakes pack into cheap cellophane), quality of a zapayka (on originals there are no potek of glue, excess spots, uneven cuts) will help.

“On testers and miniatures Not for sale, Demonstration therefore they aren’t sold is written. All testers and miniatures in online stores — fakes”.
Here I will carry “The tester isn’t the original” and “Aroma in a tester is always worse, than in an original bottle”.
Miniatures and testers are thought up for involvement of new clients (equally as mini-versions and samplers of cosmetics). Yes, in offline shops testers are really urged to show aroma, and miniatures and samplers often aren’t taken out on show-windows, and lie in boxes for gifts to buyers. Thus, both gifts and testers are put in goods cost — therefore usually cost in online stores less (besides usual factors like advertizing and rent). The website can sell the testers received by it from the supplier which usually cost cheaper and differ in nothing from aroma in a full-fledged bottle.
By the way, fact: sometimes, especially when releasing new aroma composition in a tester nasyshchenny, besides, for customer acquisition. I doubt that all brands sin with it, but there is a chance to receive more “correct” aroma in a tester.
The myth on the fact that a tester — the antonym of the word “original” has obviously appeared after mass unfair sellers (on free online platforms them fully) for whom are standard of the phrase in announcements of type: “tester! A smell as at the original!”, “the Turkish tester”, “tester, smell very resistant”

“The bottle shouldn’t dangle in a box”.

Not all aromas are densely and strongly fixed in boxes. I bought in the Czech Republic man’s Hugo Boss Bottled on 200 ml once — dangled not sickly! And, by the way, hasn’t been packed into mica)))) now TV, PV, colognes are seldom fixed strongly and it is possible to tell “thanks” if in a box there is an additional block of a cardboard for fixing of a bottle. But the majority of aromas simply in a box. At some producers only the difficult elaborate cover is strongly fixed (or it is even in addition packed — as, for example, Selena Homez Vivamore — elements of a cover are wrapped in addition separately up).

“The perfumery of a niche segment is a little in demand therefore it isn’t forged”.

Niche to a niche discord. Yes, there are brands which are difficult for getting (for example, only one boutique all over the country, and even these aromas aren’t in your country) or it is extremely difficult to forge (an elaborate bottle with jewels or an engraving as, for example, at Shaik) — on them demand is really small. But there is also “a popular niche” — the same Tom Ford, Montal are on sale even in some “network” shops — that by certain criteria doesn’t belong to a niche any more, and their sales have reached such level that have grown as mushrooms after a rain, various fakes — on what there is a demand, on that is and the offer, sometimes is even a lot of. Unfortunately, even on feyka who don’t hide the stereotyped origin there is (and will be) a demand.
Counterfeit Montalya in the market it is full (not surprisingly, considering some disorder in appearance original Montalya recently), alas, therefore it is necessary to be extremely attentive at the perfume choice, especially “from the third hands”.

“After the expiry date specified on perfume he can’t already be used”
This myth really enrages me most than the others. And, I met opposite notes in the articles “about myths” more than once. These are not food products, even not cosmetics on leaving (concerning which expiration dates it is also possible to argue). If aroma is stored correctly — most likely, it won’t deteriorate, won’t receive “beaten” notes and a lot more years will give a sheer pleasure. How many on American (and ours too) the websites offer vintazhy? Aromas with age 20-50 and more years in excellent safety, with that smell that was at “flood”. Well, maybe, it is slightly more intensively drawn)))

I will add to the same myth: “Perfumery production has to be stored in the refrigerator”
No, isn’t present and once again not! Run far away from those who say that the refrigerator prolongs life to perfume. Both high, and low temperatures are dangerous to them, in the refrigerator aroma will deteriorate quicker, than without him. The best place for storage of perfume — the place in the room far away from sources of heating and the heated equipment where the direct sunlight doesn’t get, ideal — the closed case. Many parfmanyak store aromas in wardrobes and dressers if there is no specially allotted place under it.
By the way, because of difference of temperatures you shouldn’t roll aroma in the car, especially during a heat. And for the same reason there is a risk to run in shop into the spoiled tester, often show-windows are lit with lamps which heat production standing on shelves.

And finally: “Aromas with pheromones — excellent means for attraction of an opposite sex.”
You can imagine the man who will fall into ecstasy and excitement from a smell whale (ambergris), kabargovy (musk) or a cat’s (civet) secret? Honestly, I can’t Pheromones – it is an individual smell, that chemistry of skin which everyone has, and also the smell allocated by glands. Yes, often because of a smell we choose to ourselves partners, and we can even not feel this smell — it is perceived by a brain at the level of subconsciousness. Once again: individual smell. Which is excreted by your skin and glands. And here suddenly there are such parfproizvoditel who declare that they have thought up the component equally attractive to all man’s (in women’s perfume) and female (in man’s, respectively) the population that it won’t be direct pass from soulmates — take I don’t want. No, it is just marketing mix. Aroma can draw attention irrespective of pheromones — but just at the level of sense of smell, and no chemical molecule is capable to drag of appointment, having overshadowed the body smell perceived at the level of subconsciousness and instincts.

Well, perhaps, I have remembered all perfumery myths famous to me. Thank you that have read up! If you know still some — you share.

I have told you a little perfume the story of a murderer. Do You know the smell of Afghan women?
Amoy interesting in my following stories about seduction secrets, about new intimate smells and aromas of love!


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