Prada Eau de Parfum Intense innovation to the world of fragrance: breakthrough of the 2016!

prada perfume amber
Prada Eau de Parfum Intense innovation to the world of fragrance!
After I me L’eau Ambrée brought this to mind, was me, after a promising start, but soon is very different. The amber note, which is held at the beginning yet somehow back and outside in front of the gates had not rang about mannerly, a little later, at the door, but fell the same with a Riesenrumms in my nose.
The result is Nausea and dizziness were and what to Remove dalli had to get on with the job!
In spite of everything I can, however, forget the pleasant aspects of this fragrance never and not that I actually have Amber in my perfumes there, as they come so beautifully sensual and cuddly over. Of a Good thing is too much, then I cant and my love for this fragrance.
Now, as to me the scent pyramid liked otherwise very good, I threw an eye on the siblings, this Eau Ambrées.
The first Prada fragrance brings forward the tradition of perfumery by updating this craftsmanship with an innovative approach to scent blending.
I was particularly fond of the Eau de Parfum Intense, the composition reads beautifully, and goes down like Oil.
Thanks to a bargain purchase I finally came to the jewel.
prada perfume amber
The Start-up is uniquely decorated in orange colors and with the bergamot and the orange is this happening in the truest sense of the word. For me, the Mimosa and Patchouli to knock after a few moments, fortunately, only tentative, and underlining, and a gorgeous balsamic Note takes over from here. The Rose is barely perceptible, is holding you back, and would be mentioned in the listing, no, I would miss none. It really is hardly present.
After a good ten gorgeous smell minutes of well-being-and-down driving with this fragrance, for me, a strong wood note. So like in this fragrance I wood never perceive. Here I really feel as I would be fenced and would sit in the middle of it, in order to test this perfume. It reminds me of the Moment when you enter a Church and immediately, the intense fragrance of the wood of the benches. Since I am always literally on the Inhale, and Enjoy, and somehow the smell calms me down, this Wood totally. I always have a very homely Feel.
Prada Eau de Parfum Intense is this wood note remains with me bearing up to the end, and with the vanilla a warm, sensual and comforting warmth. Thus, I see the scent for the cooler temperatures, because otherwise he would be over and above all the individual notes pinching each other in the air. The durability is also bomb and the Sillage neat. You should not overdo it here. Too much of it spoils the experience, to go through the various fine grades and to enjoy.
I recommend to learn the scent of Oriental women! This is amazing! I love it!
Everything is cared for in a perfume in order to feel elegant and feminine, in sensuality, to pack and to defy the Wet and gray of autumn and winter.
Fans of the “Shalimaren” should be able to find, if you want to search something without their most dominant Jasmine note, but in your noble vanilla linger.
Prada L’Eau de Parfum Intense: un “Boisé de Sensualité” pur!

Prada brings its unique fusion of tradition and innovation to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday!

PS: The picture is deceptive: Here, the bottle is in a carton case.
He actually looks like the Prada Amber, only the liquid is slightly green.


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