The 7 Virtues new perfumes – breath Afghan women!

Perfume 7 Virtues
The 7 Virtues new perfumes – breath Afghan women!
Sometimes I see an image and, in parallel, a fragrance appears in my head. I can hear it, then actually, it is, as I would have him in the nose. If you are dealing so intensively with smells, this time actually on the press of a button or are activated in certain situations automatically. My favorite scent today: My son to the Playground – the smell of sun and Sand on warm skin of children. Smells like a day at the beach.

Perfume 7 Virtues
But how do I get it? In this picture, I thought of the fragrances from The 7 Virtues, explicitly of my favorites from the line: Middle East Peace. Even though the photo shows a Mantra scarf, and I in the Background is more of a beach than the desert guess.

The 7 Virtues has been recently presented in Berlin’s Galeries Lafayette. All fragrances are made with natural Oils. The orange blossom oil comes in the Afghanistan Orange Blossom by the peasants of Afghanistan, or the grapefruit oil in the Middle East Peace from Israel. The canadian Barb Stegemann wants to help build areas in the world. After a close friend of hers was wounded in Afghanistan, has spent the author a lot of time there. At the sick bed, you promised your friend to do something for the families in Afghanistan. How, she did not know at the time, but the idea soon emerged. While her friend recovered from his injuries, she worked on the project, which is women to provide Afghanistan with an Alternative to the cultivation of the poppy, from which Heroin is made. So be grown instead of oranges and roses, whose Oil is used for perfumes.

It is not like Kafka stylish, it is exclusive!

For those who like to experiment and layers, there is a Custom Blend Box with four fragrances: Middle East Peace, Afghanistan Orange Blossom, Vetiver of Haiti and Noble Rose of Afghanistan. As a Basis for Middle East Peace, is contained in a double size.
The 7 Virtues perfumes
For me, the Middle East Peace without the Layering is perfect – spicy without the Oriental club. One of the main ingredients of the fragrance, the essential Oil of Sweetie, a hybrid of Grapefruit and grapefruit without the bitter substances. Of the existence of this fruit, I knew, until today, nothing. To smell the beginning of the scent, however, as one would crush the peel of a Grapefruit. Add lime, Basil, cedar and bamboo. I feel the scent of something musky. Despite its Oriental Name, the fragrance is fresh and light, and to describe rather than clean. Nevertheless, he has an Oriental Touch, you can deepen with Afghanistan Orange Blossom is wonderful. Where is my favorite combination in the framework of the Custom Blend Box – and the perfect summer scent!


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