My first perfume collection, or how I learned fragrances perfumers!

perfume collection

Ah perfume, those intricate glass bottles holding expensive water that practically every blogger struggles to explain. I mean seriously, how many ways are there to say ‘this stuff smells good, get your noses up in all of this as you will agree’?? Now I’m not about to embark on 300 words worth of top notes, base notes and aromas however I really should be able to reel this information off thanks to my previous sales experience in a perfume shop! but I am going to show you my collection. Including where I store them, what scents get called into action throughout the week and a brief history on how my nose changed oer!

perfume collection

You see back in the day I was a sweet floral kinda girl, not temperament wise, instead my perfume choice were solely within the Lancôme So Magic! and Nina Ricci Nina range. On a rare occasion I would branch out into Giorgio Armini Diamonds but that was for my more sultry evening pick 😉

Giorgio Armani Diamonds

Now if I get a whiff of these scents I’m instantly transported back to my raucous teenager years dancing until the early hours in the morning. Although I once loved these sweeter notes, my nose has done a bit of growing up & no longer am I attracted so those more sickly scents. Instead my new grown up nose prefers a deeper arrangement of notes.

My noses development initially started with Stella McCartnet Stella. A girl in a bar toilets once sprayed some on me (who can remember why) and I’ve been hooked ever since. Recently I’ve struggled to pickup a new scent finding that my previous tastes had changed, I stuck with Stella as my daily pick until two newbies entered my life. A more sophisticated Nina Ricci offering called L’Extase and my first Chloe scent Love Story. Both are more sophisticated with stronger notes that linger on your skin throughout the day. A small spritz goes a long way and you feel all swanky in the morning when you spray them on, well, I do anyway 😉

All my perfumes live on this glass cooper tray from Oliver Bonas, this section of my room doesn’t get any sunlight yay so they are safe from exposure yet look rather pretty out on display. Which are you go to perfumes at the moment? Have you found your nose has changed over the years?

And now I always order samples of perfume for free, join: Hugo Boss gives presents!


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