Most popular perfumes Nominations for 2019 who will receive the recognition of the year

Best Perfume 2019

Among the best perfumes for women finalists predominate flowery and oriental olfactory bouquets , which have as protagonists respectively the iris and the vanilla. There is no shortage of fragrances with goumand base notes such as coffee and caramel. Among the heart notes prevail flowers and moss , while among the basic ones, amber woods and patchouli.

Here are the best perfume women finalists in the competition for the scepter of the best fragrance of 2019 and the respective distribution companies.

Best perfume 2019

Nominations 2019 perfume Nina Ricci Bella Eau de Toilette

Among the best men’s perfumes 2019, cinnamon is one of the prevailing olfactory notes, linked to vanilla for a sweet effect or to cardamom for a more spicy result. Among the base notes, the particular and powdery one of the tonca beans is combined with leather, woods or patchouli.

The citrus fruits, present in different fragrances and represented primarily by bergamot, citron and grapefruit, are combined with both fresh and spicy notes such as ginger and warm notes of woods and moss.

Here are the 7 finalist male fragrances among which the winning perfume and the relative distributor will be elected

Nominations 2019 perfume

Best Perfume 2019
Nina Ricci Bella Eau de Toilette
Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle Eau de Parfum
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum
Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Eau de Toilette
Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance.
SHOW Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance.
Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense for Woman.

Best perfume 2019 man

Also for the 2019 edition, seven competition categories were confirmed , which will be voted by three different juries .

The categories of the best perfumes 2019 are:

  • Best perfume of the year – feminine and masculine;
  • Best olfactory creation – feminine and masculine (assessed blind in all the steps, from the
  • identification of the finalists to the winners);
  • Best made in Italy perfume – feminine and masculine;
  • Best packaging – feminine and masculine;
  • Best perfume exclusive big brand collection – no gender;
  • Best perfume artistic perfumery – without genre;
  • Better communication – feminine and masculine.

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More juries are involved this year to ensure the participation of both experts in the sector, both the press and consumers.

From 21 January 2019 until 13 April 2019 consumers, men and women of age, can express their preferences and vote for the best men and women 2019 perfume through the following channels:

  • Through the minisite dedicated to the competition.
  • Through the form on the Facebook page of Accademia del Profumo.
  • Through the flyer ‘Squilla e Vinci’ available in 1,000 perfumeries on the national territory, identifiable through the store locator on this page .

All the consumers who take part in the voting through the three channels automatically participate in the instant win contest to win one of the 100 finalist perfumes offered by Accademia del Profumo .

The technical jury is composed of several experts in the field: the members of the Perfume Academy Directive Commission , some beauty editors and bloggers and members of the retail world.

The jury decrees the winners of 5 categories : best female and male olfactory creation, best perfume made in Italy feminine and masculine, best feminine and masculine packaging, best perfume collection exclusive big brand, best perfume artistic perfumery.

They are part of the VIP jury several celebrities from the entertainment, design, culture. Their task is to elect the winners of the best communication category .

Once all the votes have been collected, the final ranking will be drawn up . The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony to be held in Milan on May 14, 2019 .

Recall that Accademia del Profumo was founded in 1990 with the aim of enhancing the fragrance as an essential element of well-being, promoting its creativity, increasing its culture and its diffusion in Italy.

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