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Wildbloom Rouge Banana sample

Hi friends! Today I will tell you the story about Banana Republic. My story is about a perfumer Banana Republic. Don’T leave the most interesting is the secret of how to get free samples from perfumer Marypierre Julien of fragrance house!

Banana Republic is an American clothing retailer and part of The Gap, Inc. Banana Republic is just one of the corporation’s brands, which also include Gap, Old Navy, Athleta and Piper Lime.

The original Banana Republic was founded by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in 1978. Originally a chain of just two stores that offered safari and travel-themed clothing, the majority of its sales were generated by its eccentric, hand-illustrated catalog, which presented high-end and unique items with conversational backstories from exotic locations, as well as more common high-volume products deliberately spiced up with a similar treatment. At that time, Banana Republic was known for the safari-themed decor of its stores, often featuring authentic elements, such as real Jeeps, plants and trees, as well as atmospheric elements, such as fog and steam.

Wildbloom Rouge Banana sample

I love to get free samples of perfume, cosmetics, so this time decided to ask the banana king small blotter.
Designer Banana Republic has 25 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1995 and the newest is from 2014. Banana Republic fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Honorine Blanc, Jean-Claude Deville, Harry Fremont, Jean-Claude Delville, Laurent Le Guernec, Beatrice Piquet, Irina Burlakova, Vincent Kuczinski, Jerome Epinette, Pascal Gaurin, Marc Chaillant and Ilias Ermenidis.

What is this fragrance

Wildbloom Rouge Banana Republic for women.

Wildbloom Rouge by Banana Republic is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Wildbloom Rouge was launched in 2013. Top notes are green apple, clementine and plum; middle notes are magnolia, freesia petals and jasmine; base notes are amber, cashmere musk and sandalwood.

How to get it for free?

I wrote a letter to the perfumer. We met him. I politely asked for a free sample of his lovely creations, And that’s it for me! You can write to the perfumer with a request to feel his wonderful aromas!

Banana Republic perfume

I recently told You about the flavors from Mason, have you already got your gift? I will wait from you photos with the received probe testers.

Wildbloom Rouge Banana

This is a lovely fragrance!

That means summer is essentially over — but don’t pack away your sundresses just yet, because Banana Republic is celebrating the dog days with its latest fragrances: Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir (for women and men, respectively).

In true BR fashion, the scents are crisp and classic, with a hint of urban edge. In the case of Wildbloom Rouge, perfumer Marypierre Julien of fragrance house Givaudan created a vibrant fragrance that opens with sparkling notes of clementine and bergamot, dries down to a magnolia and jasmine heart, and finishes with a moody sandalwood base — bringing what at first appears to be a youthful-citrus fragrance into more mysterious territory.

In the case of Wildblue Noir, perfumer Jean-Claude Deville was inspired by a vacation in Maui to create a scent that mixed subtle aquatics and herbs with the fresh scent of sequoia trees, which are abundant on the island. Says Deville about the fragrance: “Despite the coffee and cocoa notes, it’s not cloying at all — and the dewy, aquatic, citrus, and herbal notes bring out a moment of energy.” The result is a perfectly balanced fragrance, free from the heavy woods and aggressive aquatics typically found in men’s colognes. Instead, cool vetiver, sequoia, spicy nutmeg, and coffee interact to create a fragrance that’s warm and inviting yet fresh — in other words, exactly what you’d like your man to smell like.

perfumer Banana Republic

Both fragrances are stylish and luxurious, yet grounded in an all-American, clean-cut appeal — with the dreaminess of late-summer evenings at the beach (see the ad above if you need any more convincing). Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are available only in BR stores, and not online — but, trust us: You’ll want to get your noses onto these sophisticated scents at your local store ASAP.

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge is a mysterious, elegant and seductive fragrance for stylish and modern women.
The aroma is very gentle, pleasant. First, there is no sharpness. He and first, and a few hours later sounds nice, leaves a beautiful trail.
This fragrance is very suitable the young girl will become an irreplaceable companion.
The aroma will sound good both in winter and summer, spring and autumn. It will go perfectly with casual wear and cocktail dress.

Attractive aroma, fresh, with a light note of bitterness, shimmering, somewhere is heard a sweet note. For late spring, summer would be ideal.
New fragrance! I think that different ladies would be very different sparkle, because multifaceted. The fragrance will be like a breath of something fresh and delicious in the summer heat. Cloying it never will be.

Get your free sample by mail!

And today I received a free sample from Hugo Boss! Soon new secrets get freebies from world of perfumers!



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