New offers free! Can you mail perfume from elegant, exquisite Ed Hardy!

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Hi Friends!
Today, your attention is a magnificent sample from Ed Hardy! Can you mail perfume from elegant, exquisite Ed Hardy!
Everytime I find for you a new offers of freebies of perfumes and cosmetics. I represent to your attention an interesting and absolutely free offers.
To be honest, I ordered this perfume only because of the design of the bottle. I immediately liked it!
The bottle tree is something new. Be brutal the bottle had me at first sight.
free samples
What was my surprise when I this fragrance tested!!!
This contradiction of the vial and aroma! I was expecting it to be hard and a little frightening, as does the bottle. But was it the infinite sweetness. As for me nothing like strawberries in sugar! quite a bit of honeysuckle and something else that I did not understand!
Here is what is stated in the pyramid of this creation:
Top notes: strawberry; violet Leaf; Bottom notes: caramel; notes of the “heart”: honeysuckle, the Fragrance for every day, of course, will not work, but in my Arsenal the past will not be exact.
My perfume was Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Women’s
It is light, simple and playful perfume, immediately attracting the attention of eye-catching and unusual package design, the work of famous tattoo master ed hardy.

It is created for stylish, bold, bright and cute girl that knows what she wants from life. The winner of flavor of unusual, independent and decisive, appreciates everything unusual and fashionable, including an extraordinary perfume. Ed Hardy Women’s brings a lot of fun its owner, energizes and adds dynamics, helps to take life more easily and freely. The fragrance evokes delightful feelings, gives the opportunity to forget about everything and party until dawn.

With such juicy fruit Symphony, there’s no rest, because it constantly explodes luxurious trains. It starts to reveal the extravaganza of the wonderful notes of mango, grapefruit, Apple, and freesia, Lily of the valley, strawberry, continue shades of vanilla souffle, beans, lime, amber and musk.

Let me in your life with limitless fun and pleasure!
Release date: 2008
Country of origin: USA
Gender: female
Classification of fragrance: floral, fruity
Top note: floral fruity
The heart notes are: freesia
A final note: ambergris and leather

Today we can receive samples of the fragrance from Ed Hardy,
free women samples by mail this is either a female or male your choice!
I ordered this time masculine aroma, I want to feel his unusual taste!

samples Ed Hardy

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