How to Dress Like Miranda Kerr: street style 2017

Miranda Kerr street style

These days one of the top women in the modeling world is Australian model Miranda Kerr. If you want to get the same natural, yet plucky and charming look, then you can by following these suggestions! She is not the usual stuck up or sometimes trashy looking star, but has a chic, elegant and immaculate look that men are attracted to!

How to Dress Like Miranda Kerr: street style 2017


Kerr’s down home look shows that women can be sweet, yet still sexy and it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to reproduce her simple, yet elegant style! Here are some ways that you too can look like the supermodel that Kerr truly is:

Miranda Kerr street style

You Can Copy Kerr’s Sweet, Yet Sexy Look

Kerr has been a Victoria Secret’s model since 2015, and is one of Hollywood’s sweethearts due to her enviable charm . in order to pull off Kerr’s timeless look, you need to choose the right ensemble. That means choosing clothes that fit your body well no matter what kind of body you have.

For instance, one of Kerr’s fave looks is skinny jeans or miniskirts, which she always coordinates with a matching pair of classic high heels and a large, yet classy looking handbag that doesn’t have too much bling on it. She always chooses piece of clothing that are likely not to go out of style to keep that sophisticated look.

Not Too Much Makeup and Have Health Smile

Another must have to replicate Kerr’s style is to put on your makeup in a way that makes it look like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. That means only brushing on makeup with natural colors like earth tones and light colors. Keep away from harsh or bright tones and use the least amount of makeup you can to merely highlight your features to make them look their best.

How to Dress Like Miranda Kerr

Smiling is necessary! Kerr is never seen pouting or acting irritated or mad. She smiles all the time and her lovely nature comes through every time she appears in public. Don’t fake your smile, but try to keep things natural as that is the key to success! Want classy perfume from Hugo Boss for free?

Exercise Makes Women Look Great

Kerr also keeps toned by exercising every day. A few minutes of stretching and aerobic exercise can help you stay in shape and be healthier too. Plus, you should always eat healthy, nutritious foods every day and stay away from fatty foods and fast foods whenever possible!

Wear Classic, Chic Clothing

The best clothing to wear to imitate Kerr’s style is the basics that have always been in fashion. For instance, choose a nice t-shirt paired up with denim skinny jeans or some leather pants. Then, for the outerwear, add a long style of coat and some cute winter boots. Just like Kerr, don’t forget the big sunglasses, large floppy hat, and a large stylish handbag to complete your special Kerr look-alike style of dress.

The bottom line is that it’s easy to look like a super start like Miranda Kerr with just a little practice and preparation!


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